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Raja Ampat

raja ampat is fast becoming a favourite with divers looking find something more remote and unexplored.  just off the coast of papua the four kings and the waters that surround them are breathtakingly beautiful with a huge varity of marine life, infact the house reef on kri island had the highest variety of  fish species recorded on a single one hour dive!
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  • raja-ampat-diving-holidays
  • Raja Ampat has many unexplored reefs to discover
  • Manta Rays are one of the most beautiful creatures in Indonesia
  • Pygmy Seahorses can be found amongst the corals
  • Stunning coral beaches

Kri Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

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From GBP 1,700
/ 0 Night
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This incredibly beautiful resort consists of 10 over-water bungalows, each of which have a tradiotional Papuan feel to them. Situated on Kri Island, just an hour and a half from Sorong, the Kri Eco Resort is close to nature, with the emphasis is on minimising the impact the dive tourism has on the local area, and educating and providing opportunities for local communities; all in location with some of the best diving in the world. As the first dive centre to open in Raja Ampat, the Kri Resort has a wealth of experience in the area. The over-water bungalows  are simply and stylishly decorated, using local materials and workforce. They offer facilities that include an electric fan, mosquito nets and more, with the Deluxe cottage offering private bathroom.


·         24hr Electricity

·         Free Nitrox

·         In-Room Camera Table with Sockets

·         Free Laundry Service

·         Free WiFi (reasonable use policy)

·         Towels, Soap and Tissues

·         Private Sun Deck

·         Small Groups (6 Divers and 2 Guides per Boat)

·         Excursions

·         Kayaking and Snorkelling

·         House Reef

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Indonesia, kri island, Kri Eco Resort,

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(Children aged 2-12)

Sorido Bay Resort, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Indonesia, kri island, sorido bay resort,
From GBP 1,800 / 7 Nights

Kri Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

Indonesia, kri island, Kri Eco Resort,
From GBP 1,700 / 7 Nights


  •  All inclusive
     Full Board
     Half Board
     Bed & Breakfast
     Room only
  •  Twin
  •  Silver
  •  Whale Sharks
     Tiger Sharks
     Great Whites
     Manta Rays
     Reef Sharks
     Oceanic White Tips
     Coral reefs
  •  Nightlife
     Quiet area
     Sea views
     Tennis courts
     Kids area
     Suitable for non-divers
  •  Open Water
     Advanced O/W 20+ dives
     Advanced O/W 50+ dives
  •  Adults
     New divers
     Experienced divers


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